Authenticate Minecraft for Microsoft Services?


Authenticate Minecraft for Microsoft Services?

Players often get technical error messages in Minecraft. These messages can prevent players from logging onto Minecraft and can take up to several hours, or even days to fix.

It is not possible for everyone to be a programmer like those who create these games. Here is a guide on how to fix a common authentication error in Minecraft. First, you will need to know the basics of the error message.

What does “Authenticate Minecraft for Microsoft Services” mean?

When logging in to other servers or realms, ios PE Minecraft users will see this error message. The player will not be able to log in to servers or realms, and will be presented with an authenticate error message.

This error message indicates that there is an issue with the Microsoft account connecting the iOS Minecraft PE app. It will require some configuration to get it to work.

Step 1: Reload your game

If the player is reading this message, it's likely that they tried to log into an iOS Bedrock Minecraft server or realm and got an error message. First, close the Minecraft app. Then, reopen it.

Step 2: Configure your settings

After the app has been restarted, click settings instead of clicking on play. Players will see the profile tab in settings. Click on it. The profile menu will offer the option to sign out from the player's Microsoft Account.

After you have created your password and account name, sign out.

Step 3: Sign in again

Keep on the same page under settings. You should see a sign-in option. Enter your username and password by clicking Sign In. The player will be presented with two options after signing in: “Save to Microsoft Account” or “Leave on Device.” Click “Save to Microsoft Account”

Step 4: Sign in to Microsoft

After clicking “Save To Microsoft Account,” the player will be prompted by a prompt to open from a different application. Once this is done, click on continue.

After several redirects, a Microsoft page will prompt you to enter your username and password to log in to Microsoft PE iOS. Continue to enter your username and password for Microsoft PE: iOS.

Step 5: Have fun with the servers

The app will redirect the player to Minecraft's home page after they sign in to their Microsoft account. Click on the server you wish to join and then click Join. Have fun playing online!