Minecraft portofolio guide


Minecraft portofolio guide

Minecraft Education Edition offers more than just a few features and functions that can improve the learning environment between educators and students. The combination of portfolio items and the camera is one example.

After players have set up their camera and taken some photos they want to keep, Minecraft Education Edition can view and convert the snapshots into files. Students and players can save their favourite snapshots to be viewed elsewhere than Minecraft. Even if you don't wish to export your portfolio, it is a great way to look back at photos from the past.

To acquire a portfolio in Minecraft Education Edition players must either use the Creative Mode inventory, or the /give command to get the item. The syntax for purchasing a portfolio will vary depending on which version of Education Edition is being used. However, you can find the most commonly used command syntaxes below.

Once they have created their portfolio in Minecraft all players need to do is place it into their hands or use the toolbar to place it in their toolbar. To open the portfolio, click on the “use” button or right-click. Minecraft's portfolio interface is similar to a book. It displays two snapshots taken with a camera. To view images taken with the camera, players can flip through the portfolio pages.

Finally, Minecraft players will be able to select the Export Portfolio button to create a.zip archive file. This converts all snapshots into.jpeg images and places them in the archive. Students and players will be able save their.zip file to a location they choose on their device. This allows them to treat the file like any other file. Players can then share their snapshots by extracting and viewing the.jpeg file, or sending them via email or direct message, to anyone who might be interested.