The best Minecraft server list


The best Minecraft server list

What are the best Minecraft servers around ? How do you find the best server for you ? What are the pros and cons of each one ? Well this Minecraft server list is going to tell you.

The easiest way to start playing on a online Minecraft server is to find out their ip. Then run your Minecraft, press the multiplayer and enter your chose ip and you're off to the races. Now let's move on to the actual Minecraft servers.


Brawl is the type of Minecraft server that you go to when you want to let off a little steam. It features game modes that pretty much resemble the call of duty series and if you are into competing with your fellow players you're in for a treat. Ranging from capture the flag to Last man standing and just overall deathmatches there are a lot of similarities with battle royale games like PUBG or the new Call of duty. Expect oozes of high octane fun when you play on this Minecraft server.


Fans of Runescape are going to love this one. This server runs a pretty much a whole new game compared to the vanilla Minecraft. In the last few years, it took the developers to create this server, they accomplished something few others can boast of. They managed to pretty faithfully recreate the beloved RPG in Minecraft form. You can level your skills to 99, the whole server map is modeled after Runescapes world and there roleplaying to boot. If you're a fan of Minecraft and the MMORPG genre, look no further than MineScape.


This server shows off one of the newest game modes thought of in Minecraft, Minecraft parkour and it does so with all the bells and whistles you can expect from a dedicated crew with boatloads of passion. Zero.Minr offers you a chance to playthrough their world, that's filled with plenty of obstacles and even monsters that are going to try to prevent you from reaching your goal. If you're into parkour or are a fan of games such as Mirror's Edge, then this is the server for you. While parkour in Minecraft, much like in real life, can be frustrating at the start, once you get a hang of it, you'll see different routes open up and you will start seeing opportunities where before you saw obstacles. One of the best Minecraft Parkour servers for sure.


While the Minecraft servers listed before were pretty competitive in nature, this one is where you turn when you just want to relax and have a little fun playing with your friends without worrying about high scores or your performance. Featuring plenty of mini games such as Murder Mystery, Cops and robbers and duels you're sure to find a minigame that you can play while you relax talking with your friends. They also feature the evergreen Skyblock mode which is also another way, to play your game your way without having to worry too much about other people.

Minecraft Middle Earth

Middle earth is probably one of the best settings for a Minecraft server. There's plenty of mountains and even more mines deep below the surface that you could spend a lifetime trying to recreate in Minecraft. And the devs of this server took on just that challenge. While they are probably never going to be able to recreate the whole of middle earth but they sure are giving it a good try. The game also runs a roleplaying games that are pretty fun, even if you aren't all that into Lord of the Rings.

This is the Minecraft servers I found the most fun, however I'm sure there are plenty more fantastic servers out there that you're more than likely going to be able to have tones of fun on. When I want to find a fresh new server, this Minecraft servers is where I turn to.