Top 5 beginner mistakes to make in Minecraft


Top 5 beginner mistakes to make in Minecraft

It is easy to become overwhelmed by Minecraft's vastness when you first start the game. Minecraft gives basic tutorials to players, but beginners still make mistakes.

Minecraft is a survival-oriented game. It is important to keep yourself safe from any danger. However, there are some things that new players might do which can lead to their death.

It is easy to make mistakes in Minecraft. Some of these mistakes are funny and can be viewed as a humorous memory of Minecraft.

5) Getting lost

This is the most common problem that new players will encounter while playing the game. Players can become excited about the game and rush to explore, sometimes without taking proper precautions. They may get lost in Minecraft's infinite world and not be able return to their home or spawn.

4) Dying in the Desert temple

New Minecraft players will find a mysterious building called the Desert temple as they explore the desert biome. It is deep underground and has loot chests.

What beginners don't realize is that there is a pressureplate that triggers a TNT explosion that kills them and all their loot. This is a common mistake made by many Minecraft players.

3) Looking at Endermen

This mysterious creature, called an Enderman, can be found by new players. They don't realize that Endermen are hostile to being looked at, and will attack players if they're too focused on them. Players make this hilarious error when Endermen teleport and hit them.

2) Exploding with Creeper

Creepers are the number one cause of death in Minecraft. These silent mobs are designed to explode near players. New players may attempt to melee attack this mob but they won't be able to stay near it long enough for the Creeper to explode, killing them.

1) Digging down

Minecraft is all about mining, as its name implies. After some exploration, players can begin digging to find diamonds and other precious ores quicker when they spawn in the world.

They don't know that caves can be filled with hostile mobs or lava which can instantly kill them. They won't be as able to return to the surface as fast. Sometimes they can just fall into a lava pit, and then die.

These are just a few of the many mistakes that new Minecraft players can make. After playing Minecraft for a while, it's funny to see these errors.